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of Fee

CoAEMSP Letter of Review

(no status - entering the
accreditation system)

CAAHEP Initial Accreditation

(currently holds
CAAHEP Continuing Accreditation

(currently holds
CAAHEP accreditation)

up to $1700

paid with submission of the LSSR1




per satellite location per year2

Self Study Report


paid with the submission of
the LSSR3


paid with the submission of
the ISSR and CSSR3



one-time fee


not applicable

Site Visit


not applicable


paid with the submission of
the ISSR and CSSR for a regular3, 4site visit

Site Visit
$500 & forfeits the $500 grace amount5
Additional processing fee for past due payments6 $500 per notice
Transfer of Sponsorship7 $950

Failure to Notify of
a Personnel Change8

Late Submission of Progress Report9 $500
(effective January 1, 2018)
International Programs
Annual $4200
Self Study Report Evaluation $900
Technology $250
Site Visit, including, but not limited to Expedited Service, Visas (if required), Global Entry, Business Class Tickets, Travel Insurance, Required Immunizations, Translator (if required), and additional costs deemed necessary Actual Cost
(International Programs are responsible
for all costs associated with the site visit)

1The first annual fee is prorated at $141.66 for the number of months starting with the month after submission of the LSSR through June 30. Subsequently, programs in the process of becoming accredited or holding an accreditation status are invoiced for the full annual fee in May each year, payable no later than July 31.

All new programs must complete and submit the appropriate form before payments can be accepted:

LSSR Invoice Request Form

Invoice Request Forms should be emailed to

2 Programs must submit a 'Request for Approval of a Satellite Location' form for each and every class enrolled at
each and every satellite location. The form includes the specification of the start date and end date for each class.
Each CoAEMSP fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), programs are assessed the $500 fee for each location where students are enrolled anytime during that 12 month fiscal year. Classes that span two (or more) fiscal years (for example, start January 4 and end December 15) are assessed the $500 location fee in each fiscal year.

3 If the Self Study Report is incomplete or inadequate, the first re-submission fee is $750; subsequent resubmissions are $750 each.

4 A regular site visit is 2 visitors for 2 days. On a case-by-case basis, CoAEMSP determines if there are special circumstances that require more than a regular site visit. If CoAEMSP determines that the site visit requires more than 2 visitors, the program will be invoiced $1350/additional visitor. If CoAEMSP determines that the site visit requires more than 2 days, the program will be invoiced $250/visitor/additional day.

5 Programs pay a site visit flat fee of $2700, which covers site visit costs for a 2-person/2-day site visit. If the actual costs exceed $3200, then the program is invoiced for the amount in excess of $3200; the CoAEMSP absorbs the costs if the actual costs are between $2700 and $3200. If the program reschedules its site visit after it has been confirmed, the program will be responsible for a $500 rescheduling fee plus all costs exceeding $2700.

6 Additional processing fee for unpaid invoices and payments received after the due date.

7 Transfer of Sponsorship. Refer to CoAEMSP Policies & Procedures, Policy III.K., Transfer of Sponsorship and CAAHEP Policy for procedure.

8 Failure to Notify of a Personnel Change. Programs are required to notify the CoAEMSP of change in personnel [i.e., President/CEO, Dean (or comparable administrator, billing contact), Program Director, Medical Director, Associate Medical Director, Assistant Medical Director, Lead Instructor ]. Failure to notify the CoAEMSP within the times prescribed in CoAEMSP Policies & Procedures, Policy XV, Personnel Changes, will be assessed a fee.

9For programs that submit their Progress Report after the deadline, there will be a $500 Late Fee assessed. This fee goes into effect January 1, 2018. Programs are notified well in advance of when they have a progress report due and again 30 days in advance that they have a progress report due.

Note: Programs on Inactive status are responsible for paying all CoAEMSP fees.

Note: CoAEMSP assesses processing fees for payments that are not received by the deadlines (CoAEMSP Policies & Procedures, Policy IX.C. Accreditation Fees - Failure of Payment).

Note: CoAEMSP does not accept credit cards.

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