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Archived eNewsletters: 2010
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December 2010
Dispelling the Myths
Be Safe! Send your ISSR with Delivery Confirmation!
5 Programs Submit ISSRs Since November
111 Programs Request Accreditation
16 Days Left! Time Extension Offered to Program Directors Needing to Obtain a Bachelors Degree for Accreditation

November 2010
Dispelling the Myths
Be Sure You Have Followed the Application Process Correctly!
Ready to Submit Your ISSR? Be Sure to Send it with Delivery Confirmation!
87 Programs Request Accreditation Since January, 2010
14 Programs Become Accredited Between January and September, 2010

October 2010
NASEMSO Resolution 2010-04: National Certification and Program Accreditation
Dispelling the Myths

September 2010
Why Accreditation: Why Now?
FAQ: What is the Difference Between CoAEMSP and CAAHEP?
FAQ: How Much Does it Cost to Become Accredited?
Policies for Advertising Accreditation Status (Language)

August 2010
Reminder: Progress Reports And Response to Findings Letters Are Due September 1
Standards Interpretations Approved!
Policies for Advertising Accreditation Status (Language)

July 2010
Now is the Time to Start Thinking about Annual Reports
Check Your Records For Our Mailing Address
CoAEMSP is on the Road
Becoming Accredited: Where Do I Start?
Program Directors With No Bachelors Degree: You Have a Progress Report Due August 31

June 2010
Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

May 2010
Revised Accreditation Policies & Procedures Now Available 
Site Visitor Manual Now Available!
Site Visitor Workshop a Success!
Have You Heard About YAM?

April 2010
New Accreditation Materials Now Available!
Be Sure You Are Advertising Your Program's Accreditation Correctly!
Site Visitors Needed

March 2010
Bachelors Degree Incentive for Program Directors
Sponsorship May Be Easier to Obtain Than You Think
Terminal Competency Form Available
Podcast: "Accreditation--A Wellness Exam for Your Paramedic Education Program"
Sample Accreditation Documents Now Available

November 2009
Site Visitor Workshop
Urgent Message: Annual Fees Past Due
Standards Interpretation Alert: Sponsorship & Consortium Agreement
EMS Graduate as CAAHEP Commissioner
Programs’ Feedback Results in Change
Site Visitor Qualifications

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