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Archived eNewsletters: 2011
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Archived eNewsletters

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December 2011
CoAEMSP to Issue Letter of Review
We’ve Moved! Be Sure You Have Our New Address & Contact Information!
Making the Most of the Findings Letter
Meet Board Member Jeff Beeson, D.O.
Site Visitor Highlight: Paul Blusys, M.D. 

October 2011
Who Should Review your Self Study Report Before Sending it to CoAEMSP?
What are the Steps in the Accreditation Process?
Meet Board Member Eric Bentley, MD, FACS
Site Visitor Highlight: Linda Anderson, RN, BSN, MICN

September 2011
Curriculum: Does Sequencing Matter?    
EMS Agenda Changes Will Affect You     
Program Director - Personnel Change Update      
Key Program Personnel Positions Cannot Be Shared
Program Director Responsibilities
Meet Board Member Chief David S. Becker
Site Visitor Highlight: Karen Pickard, RN, BSN, LP

August 25, 2011
Additional CoAEMSP Interpretations Approved by Board

August 23, 2011
Additional CoAEMSP Interpretations Approved by Board 
Meet Executive Committee Member-at-Large Thomas Brazelton, MD, MPH, FAAP (AAP)
Seeking Help from Your Colleagues for CAAHEP Accreditation  
Site Visitor Highlight: John Karduck, MD 
EMS World Features Article about Accreditation: "Does the Bogeyman Cometh?"
2011 Annual Report Tool Will Open September 1  

July 2011
The Accreditation Process: From CoAEMSP to CAAHEP 
New Policy: Personnel Changes
Site Visitor Highlight: Marie Gospodareck 
Meet CoAEMSP Secretary/Treasurer James Atkins, MD   
YouTube Video Helps Students Choose an Accredited Educational Program 

June 2011
Meet CoAEMSP Vice Chair Deb Cason  
Clinical and Field Internship Sites    
Curriculum: Does Sequencing Matter?   

May 2011
Expert Perspective: National Accreditation of Paramedic Educational Programs  
Meet CoAEMSP Chairman of the Board Doug York 
The Alphabet Soup of Accreditation 
Resources on Accreditation

April 2011
Evaluating Program Strengths and Weaknesses
What is a Realistic Deadline to Write and Complete the ISSR? 
Meet Board Member Robert Fromm, Jr., MD 

March 2011
Analysis of Citations 
Standards Interpretations  
Determining a Realistic Time Frame for Your ISSR Completion and Submission  

Feb 2011
Analysis of Citations
Standards Interpretations
Determining a Realistic Time Frame for Your ISSR Completion and Submission

January 2011
146 Programs Request Accreditation Between January 2010 & January 2011
How to Form a Great Advisory Committee
What Happens After You Submit Your Initial or Continuing Self Study Report?
Tips to Minimize the Time Between Submission of Your ISSR and the Site Visit
Resources for Becoming Accredited

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