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Annual Reports

Annual Report Login

If you are the Program Director of a CAAHEP Accredited Paramedic Program, you received an email from in October providing you the username and password to the CAAHEP Annual Report.

To Complete the Annual Report (AR)

A detailed User Guide for the annual report can be downloaded once you login to the annual report.

  1. enter data on all first-enrolled classes after accreditation was awarded
  2. enter outcomes data for any graduated classes
  3. update all data for previous years, as necessary
  4. write a detailed analysis and action plan for any outcomes that do not meet the Thresholds
  5. provide the website where student/graduate achievement results are posted as public information

You CAN Avoid Delays & Complications!

Follow these proven suggestions and check out the plethora of resources provided to you:

  1. PRINT and follow the User Guide posted on the CAAHEP Annual Report Management System (ARMS)
  2. Carefully READ everything on this page and REFER to all of the links
  3. Can't find the answer? Email

Personnel Changes

You must notify the CoAEMSP Executive Office using the form found here. Changes in the Annual Report to President/CEO, Dean, or Program Director will not show until those changes are first processed by CoAEMSP, followed by change in the CAAHEP database. Please allow several business days for the changes to be made, and plan accordingly when submitting the form and required documentation to the CoAEMSP Executive Office.

Outcomes Results Required

In January 2015, CAAHEP made a change to Standard V.A.4 in the accreditation Standards for all its professions. The language in the EMS-Paramedic Standards now states:

All programs must publish, preferably in a readily accessible place on their websites, the 3-year review-window average results of the outcomes for: National Registry (or State, as applicable) Written and Practical Exams, Retention, and Positive Placement. At all times, the published results must be consistent with and verifiable by the online Annual Report of the program.

To Submit the AR

Prior to submitting the PDF version of your Annual Report (AR), you may review it as often as you wish by clicking on "Create, Review, and/or Submit Report the Annual Report".

When you are ready to submit your report to CoAEMSP:

  1. Review your data to be sure it is complete and accurate.
  2. Verify that a detailed Analysis and Action Plan have been prepared for each
    outcome measure that does not meet the CoAEMSP Threshold.
  3. Click on "Create, Review, and/or Submit Report the Annual Report
  4. Click on "Download Report".
  5. Click on "Submit a copy of the Annual Report via email to the CoA".
  6. Click on "Download Report".
  7. Save a copy of the report to your computer for your files.
If you do not receive an email receipt within one (1) week of completion, please contact

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER When Completing Your Annual Report

  • Satellites and Affiliates: Be sure to review the definitions for Satellites and Affiliates. Enter each Satellite campus site that has been CoAEMSP approved or that is currently being used. To request approval for a satellite campus, complete a Satellite Approval Request.
  • Enrollment & Retention: Enter all classes who started between January 1, 2016 thru December 31, 2016; even if their on-time graduation date is beyond December 31, 2016.
  • Survey Worksheet: Survey results for the graduates of 2015 are to be entered.
  • Review each Annual Report section and hit "SAVE" before moving to the next section.
  • Comment tab: provide the website where student/graduate achievement results are posted as public information. If a public website is not used, the program must identify the publication used to provide required outcomes in the Comments tab and attach the printed document through the Related Documents tab.

If you have questions about the annual report, please contact:

Lynn Caruthers
214.703.8445  Ext 115

Threshold Report Summary

Outcome Threshold Threshold
NREMT/State Written Examination Results 70%
NREMT/Practical Examination Results (PILOT for 2016) 70%
Programmatic Retention 70%
Job (Positive) Placement 70%
Graduate Satisfaction Survey Sent Rate 100%
Employers Satisfaction Survey Sent Rate 100%

Annual Report Resources

Retention: Does it Really Matter?, Patricia L. Tritt, RN, MA
Outcomes Threshold Report Summary 2014, Patricia L. Tritt, RN, MA

Standardized Progress Reports

CoAEMSP has revised the 2016 Standardized Progress Report (SPRs) templates. The new SPR templates are in a pdf fillable format (see below).

The CoAEMSP Quality Improvement (QI) Subcommittee will be reviewing the 2016 Annual Reports in April 2017 and every accredited program will be notified of the results following this review.  If the program failed to meet any targeted threshold(s), CoAEMSP will identify the applicable SPR(s) due when the program is notified of review results.  Applicable SPR(s) will be due via email no later than June 1, 2017.  All SPR(s) must be submitted via email to Lynn Caruthers at

For 2016, CoAEMSP will review the Graduation Year results for 2015+2014+2013.
The 2016 Annual Report targeted thresholds are:

Standardized Progress Reports (SPRs) for 2016 will be due no later than June 1, 2017.

Outcomes Summary/Thresholds - NREMT/State Written Examination Success, and/or Retention, and/or Positive Placement

When you complete the annual report if you do not meet one of the targeted thresholds in the Threshold Report Summary, you will be required to submit the Standardized Progress Report (SPR) Form for the threshold not met.

Consistent with CAAHEP/CoAEMSP’s outcomes oriented approach to accreditation, all accredited programs annually submit an Annual Report (AR) that includes program information, results of the outcomes assessments specified in CAAHEP Standard IV.B.1 and the programs’ analyses and action plans to address any sub-threshold results in those outcomes.

Each year the CoAEMSP reviews each AR and initiates an accreditation dialogue commensurate with the results of the outcomes assessments. As part of that review for each of the outcomes, the CoAEMSP is evaluating Thresholds, which are numerical values against which programs’ outcomes results are compared.

For 2016, CoAEMSP reviews the 3-year average of outcomes results for graduates in 2015, 2014 and 2013. In case of sub-threshold performance (number, severity, and duration), in addition to the program's required detailed analysis and action plan, the CoAEMSP is requiring a Standardized Progress Report (SPR) (more detailed analysis and action plan) as part of the accreditation dialogue. For 2016, the CoAEMSP will focus on the Thresholds for:

  • NREMT/State WRITTEN Examination Success
  • Retention
  • Positive (Job) Placement

Standardized Progress Reports (SPRs) for 2016 will be due no later than  June 1, 2017

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