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Site Visitors: The 2015 CAAHEP Standards
Beginning in January 2017, site visits will be evaluated based on either the 2005 CAAHEP Standards – OR – the 2015 CAAHEP Standards. The determining factor is when the program submitted its self-study report. The CoAESMP staff will clearly communicate to the site visitor the set of Standards to use. Communication will occur the following methods:  

What Site Visitors
Need to Know

Email Confirmation: The email confirming the site visit will state 2005 Standards or 2015 Standards.

Documents: The documents based on the 2015 CAAHEP Standards will have 2015 clearly stated on the document.

File Types: If the Self Study Report and SV Report are in

Word = 2005 CAAHEP Standards

Excel = 2015 CAAHEP Standards

Site Visit Report, CAAHEP Standards, CoAEMSP Interpretations

The 2015 Site Visit Report is designed to better streamline the site visit report stage. Each time a program is confirmed for its site visit, a unique Site Visit Report will be provided. It is crucial that the provided Site Visit Report is used.  The new Site Visit Report, based in Excel, will include the Executive Analysis, the Site Visit Report, the Response to the Executive Analysis as well as the Interview Questions and Standards. A blank Site Visit Report is available; however, the intent is to provide a copy of what it looks like.

XLS   Site Visit Report 201S - for reference only

When evaluating a program, the CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines is always the foundation on which the evaluation is based on. You will find the Standards, along with the Interpretations here:

WEB   2015 CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines
WEB   CoAEMSP Interpretations of the 2015 CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines

Tools to Assist Site Visitors with the Transition

To assist site visitors with transitioning from the 2005 to the 2015 CAAHEP Standards, tools have been developed:

MOV   Webinar - the 2015 CAAHEP Standards (2016 12 19)
PDF   Webinar - the 2015 CAAHEP Standards (2016 12 19) - slides
PDF   Webinar - the 2015 CAAHEP Standards (2016 12 19) - Q&A
PDF   Summary of Changes: 2015 CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines for Accreditation of Educational Programs in the EMS Professions
XLS   '2015 Standards Crosswalk › comparison chart

For site visits based on the old 2005 CAAHEP Standards, the CoAEMSP Executive Office will transition the findings from the 2005 to the 2015 CAAHEP Standards. The program will respond to the Site Visit Findings Letter based on the 2015 CAAHEP Standards.

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