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Why Become Accredited
PDF   Perspectives of Program Directors
WEB   Article: Is Cost A Barrier...? by Debra Cason RN MS EMT-P in NN2 Connections Fall/Winter 2011
PDF   Accreditation Case Study: Gwinnett County, GA Department of Fire and EMS

Facts about Paramedic program accreditation

PDF   Frequently Asked Questions
PDF   Article: Why accreditation - and why now? by Patricia L Tritt, RN MA and Debra Cason RN MS EMT-P
PDF   Article: EMS Needs to be... by Walt Stoy, PhD, EMTP
PDF   Press Release: NASEMSO Supports On-Going Efforts to 1/1/2013
WEB   Does the Bogeyman Cometh? by Mike Smith, BS, MICP, August 2011
PDF   FAQs for Implementing the EMS Education Agenda: A System’s Approach

VIDEOS: Expert Perspectives on National Accreditation
of Paramedic Educational Programs


National Accreditation Helps Fire Services
Hire More Competent Paramedics

David Becker, MA, EMT-P;
EMS Program Director Sanford Brown College, Fenton, MO


National Accreditation and State Accreditation:
Protecting and Serving the Public

Ritu Sahni, MD, FACEP; Oregon State Medical Director Associate Professor
of Emergency Medicine Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR


How National Accreditation Strengthens
And Supports Educational Programs

Walt Stoy, PhD, EMT-P, CCEMT-P; Professor and
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Program University of Pittsburgh


National Accreditation:
Why and How

Patricia Tritt
, RN, MA; Director, EMS and
Trauma HealthONE, Englewood, CO

More On Becoming Accredited

WEB   Accreditation Tools
Take advantage of the array of accreditation tools provided by CoAEMSP to assist programs, such as explanations, articles, and webinars.
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