The CoAEMSP Annual Report (2021)

The Annual Report tool is 1) based on a calendar year, and 2) data reported is for graduates and events occurring in the calendar year of the report.

The Annual Report is based on the 2019 calendar year and its graduates and is due May 15, 2021. The due date allows the program at a minimum of 18 months to gather all relevant data and sufficient time to send out and collect results for the Graduate and Employer Surveys for the applicable annual report year.

Paramedic educational programs are required to submit an annual report that encompasses the following three (3) key metrics:

  1. Retention
  2. Positive Placement
  3. Success on the credentialing written (cognitive) exam.

All CAAHEP accredited, and CoAEMSP Letter of Review (LoR) programs are required to complete the Annual Report and publish the outcomes from their annual report on their website. Outcomes will be for the year reported (and no longer based on a 3-year average).

As the CoAEMSP continues to become more outcomes-oriented in its approach to EMS education, evaluating identified outcomes measures becomes increasingly important.


Slides: The CoAEMSP Annual Report (2021)
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