Programs Requested to Pay Invoices via ACH

Staff Contact: Sybil Land, or 214-703-8445, x116

In an effort to save time, streamline processes, reduce data entry, and eliminate additional processing fees, the CoAEMSP is encouraging all programs to pay invoices via ACH, Automated Clearing House. ACH payments are electronic payments that transfer funds directly from a checking account to the payee. Instead of writing out and mailing a paper check, the money moves automatically.

You may pay invoices by Automated Clearing House (ACH) or the View and Pay Invoice option that will appear in the email with the invoice. Credit cards are not accepted. The CoAEMSP will accept checks; however, know that we are moving toward requiring all payments to be made via ACH or View and Pay.

All programs selecting to pay by ACH should email payment advice to [A payment advice provides the details on payment and provides advance notice to the recipient.]

The advantages of paying via ACH or the View and Pay Invoice are:

  • Pay directly through the invoice
  • Secure environment
  • Payment processes in 3 days instead of 3 weeks (checks)
  • Automatically applies to the invoice (less data entry errors)