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  • Dispelling the Myths
  • Be Safe! Send your ISSR with Delivery Confirmation!
  • 5 Programs Submit ISSRs Since November
  • 111 Programs Request Accreditation
  • 16 Days Left! Time Extension Offered to Program Directors Needing to Obtain a Bachelors Degree for Accreditation
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  • Dispelling the Myths
  • Be Sure You Have Followed the Application Process Correctly!
  • Ready to Submit Your ISSR? Be Sure to Send it with Delivery Confirmation!
  • 87 Programs Request Accreditation Since January, 2010
  • 14 Programs Become Accredited Between January and September, 2010
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  • NASEMSO Resolution 2010-04: National Certification and Program Accreditation
  • Dispelling the Myths
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  • Why Accreditation: Why Now?
  • FAQ: What is the Difference Between CoAEMSP and CAAHEP?
  • FAQ: How Much Does it Cost to Become Accredited?
  • Policies for Advertising Accreditation Status (Language)
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  • Reminder: Progress Reports And Response to Findings Letters Are Due September 1
  • Standards Interpretations Approved!
  • Policies for Advertising Accreditation Status (Language)
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  • Now is the Time to Start Thinking about Annual Reports
  • Check Your Records For Our Mailing Address
  • CoAEMSP is on the Road
  • Becoming Accredited: Where Do I Start?
  • Program Directors With No Bachelors Degree: You Have a Progress Report Due August 31
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  • Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines
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  • Revised Accreditation Policies & Procedures Now Available
  • Site Visitor Manual Now Available!
  • Site Visitor Workshop a Success!
  • Have You Heard About YAM?
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  • New Accreditation Materials Now Available!
  • Be Sure You Are Advertising Your Program’s Accreditation Correctly!
  • Site Visitors Needed
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  • Greetings!
  • Bachelors Degree Incentive for Program Directors
  • Sponsorship May Be Easier to Obtain Than You Think
  • Terminal Competency Form Available
  • Podcast: “Accreditation–A Wellness Exam for Your Paramedic Education Program”
  • Sample Accreditation Documents Now Available
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November 2009

  • Site Visitor Workshop
  • Urgent Message: Annual Fees Past Due
  • Standards Interpretation Alert: Sponsorship & Consortium Agreement
  • EMS Graduate as CAAHEP Commissioner
  • Programs’ Feedback Results in Change
  • Site Visitor Qualifications
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