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  • 20 Days and Counting: It’s Crunch Time at the CoAEMSP Offices
  • Accredited Programs, Programs with LoRs Soar in the Final Days
  • What Do We Need to Talk About in 2013?
  • Meet Board Member Patricia Tritt, RN, MA
  • Meet Site Visitor Marjorie Bowers, EdD
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  • Clarification on Airway Competency Recommendation
  • Follow This Procedure When a Key Personnel Change Occurs
  • Fees and New Request Form for Programs Submitting a LSSR or ISSR
  • 45 Days and Counting…January 1, 2013–What You Need to Know!
  • December 1 Deadline is Approaching! Progress Reports & Response to Site Visit Findings are Due!
  • 2012 Annual Report Due December 1!
  • Meet Board Member Joe A. Nelson, DO
  • Meet Site Visitor Jeffrey Grunow, NREMT-P
  • What is a Consortium Anyway?
  • What Do We Need to Talk About in 2013?
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  • 73 Days and Counting…Are your Potential Students at Risk?
  • 2012 Annual Report Now Available!
  • Who to Contact at CoAEMSP
  • Congratulations! Thirteen Paramedic Education Programs Become Accredited by CAAHEP
  • Number of Accredited Programs Continues to Grow
  • Volunteers: They ARE CoAEMSP
  • CAAHEP Webinar Now Available: Your Advisory Committee: Meeting Expectations and Beyond
  • Site Visitors – What Makes Them Credible?
  • Meet Board Member Joseph Mistovich, MEd, NREMT-P
  • Meet Site Visitor Mike Miller, RN, NREMT-P
  • Quote From a Program Director
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  • State Officials: Is Your State/Territory Ready for the Accreditation Initiative?
  • Potential Paramedic Students: What to Look for in an Education Program
  • 2012 Annual Report Available Soon!
  • Keys to an Appropriate Response to the Findings Letter or Submission of Progress Report
  • Paramedic Psychomotor Competency Portfolio (PPCP)
  • A Significant Step in Strengthening EMS Nationwide: Michigan’s Move to Implement the Accreditation Initiative
  • New Webinars from CAAHEP
  • CoAEMSP Board Member Bill Raynovich Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Meet Board Member Bridgette Svancarek, MD, FACEP
  • Meet Site Visitor Chy Miller
  • Meet Our Sponsors International Association of Firefighters
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  • New Interpretations Adopted at CoAEMSP August Board MeetingCoAEMSP Defines Airway Competency
  • Only 132 Days Until Accreditation Initiative is Implemented!
  • Task Force Developed to Address Unique Challenges of Distance Education
  • September 1 Deadline is Approaching! Response to Findings Letter & Progress Reports are Due
  • Avoid an Adverse Recommendation by Submitting Reports on Time
  • Why Do We Need TWO Months to Review Your Response to Findings Letter or Progress Report???
  • Meet Board Member  William Raynovich, EdD, NREMT-P
  • Site Visitor Highlight John F. Brown, MD, MPA, FACEP
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  • Have You Checked Out These Helpful Accreditation Organizations Lately?
  • “Interpretations of CAAHEP Standards” Workshop at the NAEMSE Annual Symposium]
  • Meet Board Member  William C. Mergendahl, Jr.
  • Site Visitor Highlight:  Andrew Stern
  • Be Sure You Have Our New Address & Contact Info
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  • The Importance of the Letter of Review (LoR)
  • and Letter of Review Self Study Report (LSSR)
  • IAFF is Newest Member of CAAHEP
  • Revised Graduate and Employer Surveys
  • New Procedure for Payment of Site Visit Cost
  • Why Can’t My Accreditation Process Move Faster???
  • The Relationship Between CoAEMSP and CAAHEP
  • Have You Heard About YAM?
  • Programs Adjusted CSSR Due Dates
  • Responding to Findings Letters and Submitting Progress Reports
  • Meet Board Member Peter Taillac, MD
  • Site Visitor Highlight: Tom Platt, EdD, NREMT-P
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  • Accreditation FAQs
  • Arizona’s First Three Programs Become Accredited!
  • Accreditation Process Made Easy
  • Meet Board Member Gordon Kokx, MS
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  • A Look in the Mirror: Evaluating Program Strengths and Weaknesses
  • What is a Realistic Deadline to Write and Complete the ISSR?
  • Meet Board Member Robert Fromm, Jr., MD
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  • Getting Started:An Action Plan for Tackling the Accreditation Process
  • Highlights from CoAEMSP Board of Directors February Meeting
  • Bachelor’s Degree Variance
  • Checklist for Program Directors
  • Couldn’t Make the “Letter of Review” Webinar? Access it Now!
  • Update: Letter of Review
  • Site Visitor Highlight: Lauren Welch, MD, FACS, FACFM
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  • 2012 is Just Around the Corner: Resources You Need to Become Accredited
  • We’ve Moved! Be Sure You Have Our New Address & Contact Information!
  • New Letter of Review Policy  Effective Immediately
  • What are the Steps in the Accreditation Process?
  • Decrease Lag Time Between ISSR and Site Visit Tips to Scheduling the Site Visit Date
  • Passing of an “Icon”: Adolph H. “Buddy” Giesecke. 1932-2011
  • Meet Board Member Paul Berlin, MS, NREMT-P
  • Site Visitor Highlight: Jeff McDonald
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