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  • Program Directors: CoAEMSP Will Be Validating Your Highest Degree!
  • Use Your Program Number When Contacting Us!
  • ONE Person Now Receives ALL of Your Documents!
  • JEMS Article Birth of EMS is Written by Paramedic
  • Education Coordinator Dennis Edgerly, BS, EMT-P
  • Airway Management FAQs Now Available!
  • New Article: When Is It a Team Lead? Variations on a Theme: What, Why, When, Where, How (many), and Who
  • Welcome Gordy Kokx! New Assistant Director of Accreditation Services
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  • Webinar Now Available: Airway Competency
  • Definition of Airway Competency
  • Airway Management Recommendation
  • Airway Management Bibliography
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  • Important Information Regarding Your 2013 Annual Report
  • By the Numbers
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  • Annual Fees Were Due July 1!
  • Paramedic Psychomotor Competency Portfolio
  • By the Numbers
  • Video Promotes the Value of Accreditation
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  • Annual Fees Due July 1
  • New Process for Completing Student Evaluation SSR Questionnaire
  • Moving from the LoR to Initial Accreditation
  • Terminal Evaluation
  • Accredited Programs Have Been on the Rise Since 2009
  • By the Numbers
  • Meet Board Member Donna Tidwell, MS, RN, EMT-P
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  • EMS Week 2013: Thank You
  • Airway Management Recommendation
  • Progress Reports & Response to Site Visit Findings Due June 1
  • CoAEMSP is One of Few Organizations to Receive CAAHEP Presidential Citation
  • By the Numbers
  • Position Now Available: Assistant Director of Accreditation Services
  • Avoid Late Fees & Other Necessary Actions! Annual Fees Due July 1
  • CoAEMSP Board of Directors Approves Strategic Plan
  • CAAHEP Standards are in Revision
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  • Important Instructions! Submitting Progress Reports & Responses to Site Visit Findings Letters Correctly
  • Tracking Patient Encounters
  • Additional Standards Interpretations Approved by Board
  • Is Your Letter of Review Expiring January 1, 2014?
  • Some Programs are Using the Wrong Address!
  • Annual Fees Updates
  • By the Numbers: Program Accreditation Progress
  • Accreditation Actions
  • Meet Board Member Michael Solomon, MD, FACC
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  • EMS Leaders Bring EMS Community Up to Date on Accreditation Initiative
  • Atlanta Accreditation Workshop was “Valuable”, “Excellent”, & “Helpful”
  • By the Numbers: 12 Additional Programs Become Accredited, 21 Awarded LoRs* in Past Month
  • Check Out our Updated Website!
  • Meet Board Member Barbara Sellers
  • Meet Site Visitor Bryan Ericson, M.Ed
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  • CoAEMSP Staff is Handling the Influx of Work!
  • By the Numbers
  • Congratulations to Programs Receiving CAAHEP Accreditation
  • Tracking Patient Encounters Tracking Tools
  • CECBEMS to Provide a Streamlined Accreditation Process
  • Survey Results: What Newly-Accredited Programs are Saying About the Accreditation Process
  • 2012 Annual Reports
  • CoAEMSP Board Meeting Highlights
  • Thank You Site Visitors!
  • Meet Board Member Gregory Frailey, DO, FACOEP
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  • New Resources Available:
  • By the Numbers: Accredited Programs, Programs with LoRs Continue to Increase!
  • Ten Times the Typical Number of Self Study Reports Were Received in December!
  • Important to Know: LoR Programs & the 2012 CoAEMSP/CAAHEP Annual Report
  • The New Normal
  • Meet Board Member Joseph Layon, MD, FACP
  • Meet Site Visitor Walt Stoy, PhD, EMT-P
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