Upcoming Webinars

Satellites and Alternate Locations, effective January 1, 2021

November 18 [Wed] @ 1pm Central Time
Speakers: Patricia Tritt, Lisa Collard
Moderator: Jennifer Anderson Warwick

To meet the needs of students and stakeholders, accredited programs may develop alternate locations to deliver components of the course or, at times, the entire program. The distinctions and delivery modes can be confusing but are important in program operation and assessment. CAAHEP has recently revised the definition of a satellite which clarifies the structure.

Join Pat and Lisa as they articulate the distinction between satellites and alternate locations and walk you through the steps to gain approval for satellites and alternate locations.


Preceptor Training Practices

December 2 [Wed] @ 1pm Central Time
Speaker: Lori Burns
Moderator: Jennifer Anderson Warwick

Accredited Paramedic educational programs must ensure that clinical and field educators who evaluate students have completed preceptor orientation/training. Sometimes the program provides that orientation/training directly and other times the clinical site or field agency provides their own program. How can a program director ensure that quality training is provided, and all preceptors complete this orientation/training? Learn about how other programs structure their preceptor orientation/training, track completions, and ensure quality with outside agency training. Discuss issues around preceptor competency and maintenance of training over time.


Assessing and Documenting the Progression of Learning

January 27 [Wed] @ 1pm Central Time
Speakers: Patricia Tritt and Megan Corry
Moderator: Jennifer Anderson Warwick

Your site visitors inquire how you document progression of student learning. What are they asking for and how can you demonstrate that your program is not just focused on checking the boxes, but on communication among faculty, including the Medical Director, and monitoring student progression in attaining competencies in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains?

Join Pat and Megan to learn how to track/document when regression occurs or progress stalls, understand considerations of ways to answer the question: ‘How do you monitor and document progression of student learning’?