Virtual Site Visitor Panel

CoAEMSP has conducted 11 virtual site visits (v-SV) to date, and we are continuing with them in 2021. At this time, it is unknown when we will resume the residential SV.

To support the increased number of v-SV, more site visitors are needed. Recognizing v-SV is not a good fit for everyone, no one is required to conduct a v-SV; conducting a v-SV and the expectations of a site visitor are different than the residential site visit.

A panel discussion was held on January 11 with the site visitors who have conducted a v-SV. They shared their experiences, educated fellow site visitors on the v-SV, and answered questions. They shared their lessons learned, including the expectations in advance of the site visit, characteristics of the ideal site visitor in the virtual realm, and described how the actual v-SV is conducted.

Anyone considering the v-SV cadre is required to attend or watch the panel discussion.