See What Participants Are Saying About CAAHEP Accreditation

Educational programs speak out about the benefits of CAAHEP Accreditation

Following are comments that have been received from Paramedic programs.

*The comments are anonymous; therefore, credit cannot be given where credit is due.

“…we are already seeing our students doing better because of the changes we made in the program.”

“Accreditation has allowed our program to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, and has helped us identify our needs and to get appropriate resources.”

“We (Program and the CoAEMSP) are all on the same page: improving patient care.”

“[The benefit of CAAHEP accreditation is] Standardization of training programs. I believe this process will help to eliminate many “short-cut” programs that in the past were inexpensive but also delivered poor education value to students.”

“It’s impressive that the CoAEMSP is on the cutting edge of evidenced-based accreditation.”

“[CAAHEP accreditation] validates us. It gives us a strong position within the University and medical community.”

“Accreditation provides many benefits to our program including National recognition of accreditation, a reasonable expectation of quality assurance as a result of having met the accreditation standards, and a check and balance system for the program to help to insure quality educational delivery.”

“Quality assurance mechanism.”

“CAAHEP accreditation can strengthen program needs and outcomes.”

“[It’s an] external view; an opinion as to how we are doing which helps one look internally.”

“Continuity in state-wide programming.”

“We need to maintain the CAAHEP accreditation for being able to meet the needs of our customers the students, and to ensure that our program meets the standards of [our state] for being an accredited instructional program. Without it, we are out of business.”