“Quality assurance mechanism.”

Policies & Procedures


WEBCAAHEP Policies & Procedures

Accreditation Glossary
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CoAEMSP Policies & Procedures (includes Accreditation Glossary)
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Accreditation Process


Accreditation Process Cycle
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Accreditation Process List
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Templates, Examples and Samples Definitions

Templates, (such as consortium sponsorship agreement, graduate and employer survey items, resource assessment survey items), contain language that is required by CoAEMSP. Use of template language is NOT considered plagiarism by CoAEMSP. Also, use of Standards wording is NOT considered plagiarism.

Examples, (such as Terminal Competency form, Advisory Committee meeting Minutes format), are provided by CoAEMSP as “best practice”. Programs may choose to use the CoAEMSP example or not. Use of examples is NOT considered plagiarism*.

Samples, (such as Accordance Community College sample self study report, appendices), are meant to illustrate the general content of the documents, however, the exact wording in samples is NOT to be used by programs in their documents, and any use of the exact words or close imitations is considered plagiarism.

Plagiarism in any documents submitted to CoAEMSP will result in immediate rejection, will require re-working by the program, and re-submission. Additional fees may apply to re-submitted documents. If there are any questions about the use of CoAEMSP documents, please contact the Executive Office.”