International Accreditation for Paramedic Programs

English Language Requirements for Documents

All documents submitted as part of the accreditation process, including but not limited to the Letter of Review Application, Self-Study Reports and all supporting documents, Progress Reports as applicable, and other correspondence, will be provided in English.

If necessary, international programs will be required to submit documents to Stepes for translation to English. All expenses associated with translation services of documents will be paid for by the program seeking accreditation.

Accreditation Process

A program located outside the United States submits an International Eligibility Review Application (IERA) to CAAHEP. The IERA is a non-evaluative screening process to determine the program sponsor’s understanding of the accreditation process and its eligibility to participate in CAAHEP accreditation. Applications are accepted for programs in approved Committees on Accreditation and professions only.

Once CAAHEP determines eligibility for accreditation based upon an acceptable sponsor, the program will be referred to CoAEMSP to engage in the following steps of the accreditation process, as outlined for any other program seeking accreditation:

  1. Completion of the Letter of Review (LoR) Invoice
  2. Payment of the Invoice
  3. Submission of the Letter or Review Application
  4. Submission of the Letter of Review Self-Study Report (LSSR)
  5. Participate in a virtual Preliminary Site Visit (pSV)
  6. CoAEMSP issues the Letter of Review if the program demonstrates substantial compliance with the CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines
  7. The Initial Self-Study Report (ISSR) is due to the CoAEMSP no later than six (6) months after the on-time graduation date of the initial Letter of Review cohort
  8. CoAEMSP reviews the ISSR and conducts site visit to the program
  9. Program responds to the site visit Findings Letter
  10. CoAEMSP Board reviews the program’s accreditation record and forwards a recommendation to CAAHEP

Site Visits

Site visit requirements for an international program will be consistent with the process utilized for programs located within the United States. International site visits will include some variations. Site visit teams will include a minimum of 3 site visitors, with the exact team composition to be determined based on location and program needs. All international site visits will be conducted in person. The length of the site visit will be determined on a case-by-case basis considering multiple factors including program location, complexity of the program, local customs and cultural norms, the need to utilize translators, and time necessary for time zone adjustment.

Travel to destinations exceeding the total scheduled flight time of 6 hours for all segments of a one-way trip will require business class tickets, the cost of which will be paid by the program. CoAEMSP will be responsible for coordinating all travel arrangements. Additional direct expenses including international medical, travel, and repatriation insurance will be obtained through Global Rescue with expenses for these services paid by the program.

Role of Translators and Interpreters

Translation services will be necessary when a program has documents that must be translated into English. Interpreters translate oral communication in real-time and may be necessary if representatives of the program or those participating in the accreditation process, including the site visit, do not fluently speak English.

The need for an interpreter will be assessed and determined by CoAEMSP and any necessary interpretation services will be coordinated by CoAEMSP. Interpreters must be independent and unaffiliated with the program sponsor.

Fees for International Accreditation Services

International program accreditation services fees, including site visits, are maintained here. An international program seeking accreditation services is responsible for all costs associated with the review process and includes but is not limited to site visit team visas (if required), business class airfare, travel insurance, international medical insurance, repatriation insurance, vaccinations required or recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control, translation services, interpreter services, and any additional costs deemed necessary.

Administrative fees associated with international accreditation services include the following:

  • Annual Accreditation Fee – $4,200 USD
  • Letter of Review Application Fee – $1,950 USD
  • Bank transfer fees – varies; direct expense to be paid by the program
  • Preliminary Site Visit (virtual) – $1,350 USD
  • Attendance at the Fundamentals of Accreditation Workshop – $450 USD plus travel expenses
  • Self-Study Report evaluation – $900 USD
  • Technology Fee – $250 USD