The Bylaws provide a framework for the operation and management of the CoAEMSP.


CoAEMSP Bylaws
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Annual Reports

The CoAEMSP Annual Report is published yearly, providing the public with an overview of the CoAEMSP’s activities for the previous fiscal year.

View the 2020-2022 Annual Report

Archived Annual Reports

CoAEMSP Annual Report 2019-2020
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CoAEMSP Annual Report 2018-2019
May-2020 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2017-2018
May-2019 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2016-2017
Apr-2018 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2015-2016
Apr-2017 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2014-2015
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Position Descriptions for CoAEMSP Volunteers


CoAEMSP Position Description | Board Member
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CoAEMSP Position Description | Public Member
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CoAEMSP Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

The CoAEMSP Board provides predictable, consistent, and deliberate communications with its sponsors about the work of the Board. The Board provides official updates via the Board Highlights to each of its 12 sponsors within 30 days of each Board meeting.

These Highlights are shared directly with each of the sponsors’ CEOs following the 30-day moratorium after a board meeting as well as posted here for review by anyone, including students, graduates, faculty, Paramedic educational program sponsors, administration, hospital/clinic representatives, employers, police and/or fire services with a role.

Board Meeting Highlights

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Board Culture: The CoAEMSP Difference

Board members are the backbone of the CoAEMSP, ensuring accountability of EMS educational programs through accreditation. Distinct in their professional and personal experiences, they share the single responsibility of upholding the credibility, integrity and accountability of the CoAEMSP.