“Our site visit team was incredible, both in their professional knowledge of the ‘business’ of EMS education, but extremely helpful in suggesting best practices and making the program stronger.”

Site Visits

Resources for Site Visits


Resources for Program Directors (PD)

Name Last Modified Download
Hosting the Site Visit – Best Practices
May-2019 Download
List of Site Visit Participants - sample
Mar-2018 Download
Organizing Documents for the Site Visit
Jan-2021 Download
Response to Executive Analysis (EA) Program Update
Nov-2021 Download
Self-Study Report Addendum
Jan-2022 Download
Site Visit Agenda (On-Campus Site Visits)
Oct-2022 Download
Oct-2022 Download
Site Visit Agenda (Virtual Site Visits)
Jan-2022 Download
May-2007 Download
Aug-2020 Download
Site Visit Report - for reference only
Feb-2021 Download
Virtual Site Visit Agreement
Aug-2020 Download

VideoTech Check For Letter Of Review Site Visits Via Zoom
VideoTech Check for Accreditation Site Visits via Zoom

Resources for Site Visitors

Name Last Modified Download
Expense Report for Site Visitors
Aug-2022 Download
Interview Questions & Talking Points
Jul-2022 Download
Site Visitor Checklist
Jun-2022 Download
Site Visitor Checklist (virtual site visits)
May-2021 Download
Site Visitor Team Captain Application
Oct-2017 Download
Site Visitor Team Captain Progression Plan
Jul-2012 Download
Site Visitor Team Captain Recommendation Form
Oct-2017 Download
Site Visits & Visitor Manual
Jun-2022 Download
Sep-2020 Download

Here are a few comments about our Site Visits.

“Though long, I believe the entire process…was extremely helpful, especially the site visit team, Accreditation Workshop… and 2019 ACCREDITCON.”

“Continuity in state-wide programming.”

“Our site visitors were excellent. They were flexible with a rookie program director who was going through a first site visit. They were patient and allowed for an additional explanation if it was required. They clearly explained what they were looking for and aided our program with examples for improving or resolving our citations.”