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Fair Practices, CAAHEP Standard V

  • June 28 @ 1:00 PM Central Time
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    Webinar Spotlight

    The Annual Report is due on May 15, 2023.

    All CAAHEP accredited programs and all CoAEMSP Letter of Review (LoR) programs (holding the LoR in 2021) are required to complete the 2021 Annual Report. If you did not have graduates in 2021, the Annual Report must still be submitted.

    Annual Report Q&A

    You are encouraged to watch the 22-minute pre-recorded webinar that steps you through completing the Annual Report.

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    Archived Webinars with Supporting Resources

    • Resource Assessment
    • Satellites and Alternate Locations
    • Student Minimum Competency Recommendations: Are you ready?
    • Preceptors – A Cornerstone to a Successful Capstone Experience
    • Clinical Coordination
    • Strategic Planning: Best Practices
    • Retention
    • Annual Reports – What You Need to Know: Programs WITH Satellite Campuses
    • Annual Reports – What You Need to Know: Programs with NO Satellite Campuses
    • Simulation
    • Student Minimum Competency (SMC) Matrix Recommendations by CoAEMSP effective January 1, 2023 – Q&A
    • Student Minimum Competency (SMC) Matrix Recommendations by CoAEMSP effective January 1, 2023
    • Affective Domain Expectations
    • Listening Sessions for Revisions to the CAAHEP Standards for the EMS Professions
    • Dean – How Can I Support the Program Director?
    • Evaluate your examinations: The significance of high stakes examination analysis
    • Maintaining an Accredited Program: Just what were those Program Director responsibilities again?
    • Assessing and Documenting the Progression of Learning
    • Preceptor Training Practices
    • Frequent Citations and How to Address Them in Advance
    • A Conversation with the CoAEMSP
    • How to Use the Interpretations
    • Available Resources
    • Completing the Self-Study Report
    • How to Use the Executive Analysis
    • Getting Started: An Action Plan for CAAHEP Accreditation
    • Pitfalls of Tracking Student Progress
    • Assessing Resources: Why is it important and how to incorporate it into your program
    • Preparing Your Progress Report or Response to the Findings Letter
    • Q&A: CAAHEP Accreditation: From Beginning to End
    • Program Directors and Written Exam Item Analysis