Satellites & Alternate Locations

Mike Miller
Pat Tritt
Lisa Collard
Lynn Caruthers

Recorded on November 30, 2022

EMS education modalities continue to evolve from original single location classrooms to alternatives in delivery as technology grows. Changes may be driven by the availability of resources, workforce and agency needs, or by the desire of learners for a non-traditional learning environment. In response to these needs, programs may develop satellite locations or use alternate locations to deliver classroom and laboratory activities. Regardless of the modality, students attending Paramedic programs must receive the same educational program, and the CoAEMSP policies describe the requirements for Satellites and Alternate Locations. This session will review these requirements and considerations for implementation and provide examples of best practices managing delivery.

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will:

  • Describe the differences between a Satellite and an Alternate Location.
  • List the requirements of a Satellite and an Alternate Location.
  • Discuss considerations in developing a Satellite or Alternate Location.


Slides: Satellites & Alternate Locations
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