Recorded on April 6

Facilitated by:
Michael Miller, EdD, RN, NRP, Assistant Director
Patricia Tritt, MA, RN, Technical Consultant

Education programs across the country are being held accountable for program outcomes, typically including passing rates on credentialing examinations, placement of graduates, and attrition/retention of students. Of these three outcomes, retention tends to be the most challenging for programs. The reasons students leave are varied and include academic, financial, personal, and pursuing other career opportunities. This session will explore the outcome threshold metric, how it is established, why retention is important and approaches to increasing retention in Paramedic programs.

At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the rationale for the CoAEMSP retention threshold.
  • Discuss why retention is an important metric in higher education.
  • Describe strategies to retain students in the Paramedic program.


Slides: Retention
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