How can I as a dean help support my program through the process? What specific role should I play?

Recorded on September 9, 2021

Christopher Metsgar, MBA, MS, NRP and Patricia Tritt, MA, RN

This session will help the learner understand how the Dean can support the Paramedic program. Concepts such as annual reports, resource assessment, accreditation / reaccreditation, advisory committee, grievances, and general support will be discussed. After this session, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe how the Dean can assist the Paramedic program
  • Understand why the Program Director should not surprise the Dean
  • Identify where the Paramedic program’s champions are internally and externally
  • List potential resources within the Paramedic program
  • Discuss how programmatic accreditation assists and supports institutional accreditation


Slides: Dean - How Can I Support the Program Director?
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