How to Use the Executive Analysis


Slides: How to Use the Executive Analysis
Jul-2020 Download

Jeff McDonald & Doug York

Recorded July 23, 2020.

Ever wondered what the best steps are after you receive the Executive Analysis (EA) for the program’s self-study report? After the initial shock that your self-study report wasn’t as perfect as you thought it’s time to look at the EA as a tool that can make the site visit go from stressful to just another visit by friends. The CoAEMSP returns the EA to the program as a tool to allow the program time to correct areas of concern identified in the self-study report, in order to improve the overall outcome of the accreditation process.

Watch this informative webinar that addresses the best ways to put the Executive Analysis to work for you. We look at how the EA is developed and talk about what we, the Reader, see in the self-study report. We will look at the more common areas of concern; and just maybe we’ll take some of the blame for simply not understanding your answers to the questions we asked. In the end, we hope you will see the EA as a tool to improve the ease of your site visit and make your journey through the accreditation process as smooth as possible.