Fair Practices, CAAHEP Standard V

Recorded June 28, 2023

Michael Miller, EdD, RN, NRP, Assistant Director, CoAEMSP
Thomas Platt, EdD, NRP, Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh


  • Define the term fair practices.
  • Analyze the components of the CAAHEP Standards regarding fair practices.
  • Explain the importance of fair practices.

Fair practices encompass a variety of responsibilities an educational program must provide to prospective and enrolling students. Clear and accurate information allows students to make informed decisions regarding the policies and procedures, and outcomes performance of the program. Have you ever had a student seek to challenge a grade? What kind of process does your program have to guide the student through such a situation? Other than tuition, are all the costs associated with attending and successfully completing the program well-defined? Join us as we review the important components of the CAAHEP Standards regarding fair practices designed to protect students and the program.


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