Why Become Accredited?

Expert Perspectives on National Accreditation of Paramedic Educational Programs

“The benefit of CAAHEP accreditation is Standardization of training programs. I believe this process will help eliminate many “short-cut” programs that… delivered poor education value to students.”

–Paramedic Program Director

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A Perspective on Citations
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Getting Started – An Accreditation Action Plan
Jul-2020 Download
How Do I...
May-2013 Download
Retention: Does it Really Matter?
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When Is It a Team Lead?
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Accreditation Videos


National Accreditation: Why and How

Patricia L. Tritt, RN, MA Director of Instruction, AMR Learning Denver, CO [Running time: 4.37]

National Accreditation and State Accreditation: Protecting and Serving the Public

Ritu Sahni, MD, MPH Medical Director, Lake Oswego Fire Department Lake Oswego, OR [Running time: 4.20]

National Accreditation Helps Fire Services Hire More Competent Paramedics

David S. Becker, MA, Paramedic, EFO Adjunct Instructor EMS/Fire Programs, Columbia Southern University Orange Beach, AL [Running time: 3.54]

More On Becoming Accredited

Take advantage of the array of accreditation tools provided by CoAEMSP to assist programs, such as explanations, articles, and webinars.

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