“The benefit of CAAHEP accreditation is Standardization of training programs. I believe this process will help eliminate many “short-cut” programs that… delivered poor education value to students.”

–Paramedic Program Director

Why Become Accredited?

Expert Perspectives on National Accreditation of Paramedic Educational Programs

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A Perspective on Citations
Sep-2013 Download
Avoid The Common Pitfalls That Delay The Accreditation Process
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Getting Started – An Accreditation Action Plan
Jul-2020 Download
How Do I...
May-2013 Download
Retention: Does it Really Matter?
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When Is It a Team Lead?
Oct-2013 Download

WEBDoes the Bogeyman Cometh? by Mike Smith, BS, MICP, August 2011

More On Becoming Accredited

Take advantage of the array of accreditation tools provided by CoAEMSP to assist programs, such as explanations, articles, and webinars.

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