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The CoAEMSP Celebrated its 40th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate the CoAEMSP’s 40th Anniversary!

The CoAEMSP as we know it today has a rich history that officially began in 1978 with the same concern for the safety of the American public as we so passionately practice today.

Through research, studies, practical experience, and the leadership of EMS visionaries, however, the profession has progressed from a type of trade to a true profession. We are honored to be a part of the history of EMS and program accreditation.

Throughout the year, we will be adding stories, photos, congratulatory messages, and more in this section. We encourage you to share your stories and memories of the years leading up to the CoAEMSP’s official inception, its early years, and those who helped shape the CoAEMSP. Send your recollections, photos, and messages to jennifer@coaemsp.org.

We look forward to
celebrating with you
all year long!

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