Previous Statements Released Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Name Last Modified Download
Action Plan for Extended Programs
Apr-2020 Download
Student Education Interruption
Apr-2020 Download
Apr-2020 Download
Policy Exceptions COVID-19 Interruption
Apr-2020 Download
CoAEMSP's Updated Statement Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (Mar. 20, 2020)
Mar-2020 Download
CoAEMSP's Statement on COVID-19 (Mar. 16, 2020)
Mar-2020 Download
CoAEMSP's Statement on COVID-19 (Mar. 09, 2020)
Mar-2020 Download

Upcoming Webinars: COVID-19: A Conversation With CoAEMSP Leadership

COVID-19: A Conversation With CoAEMSP Leadership

Tuesday, April 14, 1pm Central

Register here

Thursday, April 16, 5pm Central

Register here

CoAEMSP is offering two opportunities for programs and state offices of EMS to participate in conversation with leadership about the latest statement, and the recently released FAQs. Dr. George Hatch, Executive Director of the CoAEMSP, and several board members will facilitate the conversation.

The webinar is complimentary. Registration is limited to 500 connections.

Do you have a question you would so see answered during the webinar? You are encouraged to submit it in advance to

Programs Requested to Pay Invoices via ACH

Staff Contact: Heather Parker, or 214-703-8445, x116

In an effort to save time, streamline processes, reduce data entry, and eliminate additional processing fees, the CoAEMSP is encouraging all programs to pay invoices via ACH, Automated Clearing House. ACH payments are electronic payments that transfer funds directly from a checking account to the payee. Instead of writing out and mailing a paper check, the money moves automatically.

You may pay invoices by Automated Clearing House (ACH) or the View and Pay Invoice option that will appear in the email with the invoice. Credit cards are not accepted. The CoAEMSP will accept checks; however, know that we are moving toward requiring all payments to be made via ACH or View and Pay.

All programs selecting to pay by ACH should email a payment advice to [A payment advice provides the details on a payment and provides advance notice to the recipient.]

The advantages of paying via ACH or the View and Pay Invoice are:

  • Pay directly through the invoice
  • Secure environment
  • Payment processes in 3 days instead of 3 weeks (checks)
  • Automatically applies to the invoice (less data entry errors)

CoAEMSP Board Meetings

The CAAHEP Board of Directors meets four times per year to review programs and make accreditation recommendations to CAAHEP.


  • May 1 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting
  • July 30-31-August 1 location Louisville
  • November 6 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting


  • February 5-6-7 location TBD
  • May 7 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting
  • August 5-6-7 location Albuquerque
  • November 5 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting


  • February 3-4-5 location TBD
  • May 6 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting
  • July 28-29-30 location TBD
  • November 4 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting


  • February 2-3-4 location TBD
  • May 5 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting
  • August 3-4-5 location TBD
  • November 3 @ 12 p.m. Central Time: Web meeting

Important Information About Annual Reports

All programs (CAAHEP-accredited and CoAEMSP-LoR) must annually publish their outcome results (e.g. National Registry or State Written Exam, Retention, and Positive Job Placement) from the calendar year two years prior verifiable by the latest annual report required. For example, outcomes data for 2017 was submitted in 2019 (as a reminder, the reason for reporting data two years prior is to allow programs time to gather a complete set of outcomes on their cohorts). The data published must be verifiable by the program’s Annual Report due by March 15 of each year. Since the Annual Report is based on the calendar year two years prior, the outcomes data is no longer reported as a 3-year average as previously required. Programs may choose to publish additional data, but at a minimum must indicate year by year results.

To assist the public in finding your outcomes, programs must publish their latest outcomes results on the Paramedic educational program’s homepage of its website. Programs must provide the direct link to the website location of the published outcomes in their Annual Report. The direct link will be forwarded to CAAHEP.

Annual Reports