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A letter of congratulations from CAAHEP
Dec-2018 Download
Jun-2018 Download
A letter of congratulations from Platinum Educational Group
Oct-2018 Download
Accreditation Glossary
Jun-2019 Download
Accreditation Overview: PowerPoint Slides
Dec-2008 Download
Accreditation Process Cycle
May-2019 Download
Accreditation Process List
Mar-2018 Download
CAAHEP Policies and Procedures
May-2018 Download
CoAEMSP 2018 Annual Report
Jan-2020 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2014-2015
Apr-2016 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2015-2016
Apr-2017 Download
CoAEMSP Annual Report 2016-2017
Apr-2018 Download
CoAEMSP Bylaws
Feb-2019 Download
CoAEMSP Policies & Procedures (includes Accreditation Glossary)
Nov-2019 Download
CoAEMSP Position Description | Board Member
Dec-2018 Download
CoAEMSP Position Description | Public Member
Jan-2018 Download
Foundations of Education an EMS Approach 3rd Ed
Oct-2019 Download
Is Your Program Accredited?
Aug-2012 Download
Keys to an Appropriate Response
Oct-2019 Download
Letter of Review Programs – Preparing for the ISSR
Oct-2016 Download
Q&A: Annual Reports
Feb-2019 Download
Q&A: CAAHEP Accreditation: From Beginning to End
Dec-2016 Download
Q&A: Program Directors and Written Exam Item Analysis
Jun-2015 Download
Q&A: Resource Assessment & Evaluation Processes
Nov-2017 Download
Resources on Accreditation
Dec-2011 Download
SAMPLE ISSR - Accordance Community College (ACC)
Jan-2019 Download
SAMPLE Program Response to FL (verification of accuracy)
Sep-2010 Download
SAMPLE Site Visit Report (SVR)
Apr-2010 Download
Self Study Reports Due in 2019
Jun-2018 Download
Self Study Reports Due in 2020
Jan-2019 Download
Slides: Accreditation Workshop
Jan-2020 Download
Slides: Program Directors and Written Exam Item Analysis
Jun-2015 Download
Slides: Recommendation on Airway Competency
Sep-2013 Download
Slides: Resource Assessment & Evaluation Processes
Dec-2017 Download
Jul-2018 Download
Slides: The NEW and IMPROVED! CoAEMSP Annual Report
Jan-2019 Download
State-of-the-State Accreditation Initiative Update
Feb-2013 Download
Step By Step Instructions CSSR
Dec-2019 Download
Step By Step Instructions FL-PR
Oct-2019 Download
Voluntary Withdrawal from LoR template for Adverse Action
May-2019 Download
Mar-2013 Download
Aug-2012 Download
Workshop Agenda
Jan-2020 Download